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[Chinese shoes Network - News] Adidas shoe brand in 2010 annual results released yesterday, Greater China achieved sales of one billion euros, an increase of 3 percent, excluding exchange rates, down 2%. Adidas other top five markets worldwide have achieved sales growth. entire adidas Group achieved sales of 12 billion euros, an increase of 15%, exceeding the Adidas management had made full-year sales grew less than 10% of expected. Adidas Group gross margin was 47.8% in 2010, an increase of 2.4 percentage points year on year, gross margin increased Adidas explanation is because of reduced inventory discount deal a class of activities to increase the higher-margin retail business, as well as reduce costs. Magang sporting goods market observers believe that, from the point of view the performance of Greater China, Adidas has come out of the 2009 recession trough in 2009, some dealers Adidas closed hun cheap jordans for sale mens dreds of stores, 2010 the number of retail outlets increased Adidas obvious, in this context, mainly by Adidas store revenue growth has been, it is more difficult. Chen Shixin market participants said that in 2010, Fujian sports brands such as Anta average revenue growth of around 20%, the domestic sports brand "leader" Li Ning (02331.HK) revenue is expected to increase about 15% Adidas Greater China sales, although bottomed out, but compared with the domestic sports brand, there is still a certain gap. Chen Shixin said, according to Adidas Greater China sales of 1 billion euros to calculate, about 9.1 billion yuan, 8.39 billion yuan, Li Ning in 2009 revenue, such as by 15% growth expected in 2010 reached 9.6 billion yuan, more than Adidas. Compared with Nike, Adidas also have some gaps. The reporter Statistics, December 1, 2009 to November 30, 2010, Nike Greater China revenue was $ 1.864 billion, cheap foamposites or about 12 billion yuan, such as row seating, Adidas Greater China revenue came in After Nike, Li Ning, living in third place. Magang think Adidas to achieve a breakthrough in the Chinese market, in addition to enhancing the performance of existing stores, but also should focus on improving the revenue contribution of emerging (32.090, -0.23, -0.71%) categories, such as Female and male fitness supplies. Magang said that the traditional sports category is mature, can enhance the points are few, and the competition is fierce, and fitness supplies is an emerging category, to meet the needs of urban commuters consumption upgrade, profit margins are larger and less competitors .Dongguan, a city of about 90 kilometers north of Hongkong, with about 7 million people, produces goods ranging from furniture to auto parts, and is one of the driving forces behind China's economic boom. Watch the city carefully and Cheap air jordans for sale you'll find a group of strange faces: there is a thriving Brazilian community, about 3000 people, most of whom work in a shoe factory. they are in again. In the early 1990s, the footwear manufacturing and export business in southern Brazil was very prosperous. After the trade barrier, the currency revaluation of Brazil and the cheap labor force in China, the shoe trade grew into stagnation. In 2007, Brazil exported 177 million pairs of shoes, compared with the first 12% years of 90s, the export volume of the largest value of 201 million pairs, down by two. Many of the surviving shoe factories moved to cheaper labor costs in the north. at that time, China was already the largest exporter of shoes in the world; in the following ten years, China's share of the global footwear export market doubled again, reaching 2/3. Now, Dongguan is China's footwear industry center, with an annual export of cheap jordan shoes for men 600 million pairs, most of which are produced by Dongguan enterprises in the field. Chinese firms beat the shoe factories in Brazil at cheaper prices; thanks largely to cheap labor. But in Chinese, highly skilled workers in manufacturing high-end shoes need is quite scarce, it attracted some highly skilled workers in the footwear industry in Brazil, most of them are the product quality control and sewing division, some also have the relevant occupation degree of leather, they had come to Chinese. the face of desire, the Brazil market pressure and China of technical knowledge of shoe Ricardo made a decision? Klein in 1995, he came to China, founded the school Raymond company (Paramont Asia), Asian women the number last year the company production and sales of more than 35 million double. Many finished shoes are shipped directly to the Americas after they are shipped out of the factory. At p Retro jordans for sale resent, the company has 800 employees, of whom 100 are Brazilians, and the daily working language is english. : there are many Brazilians follow these shoe-making experts came to China, engaged in service work, such as open Brazil restaurant, to Brazil children as Portuguese teacher. At present, Dongguan's Brazilian community is two times the size of Shanghai, three times the size of Beijing, and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Brazil plans to set up consulates in Dongguan next to Guangzhou this year to serve their citizens. The last two presidential elections in Brazil, and even a polling station in Dongguan, added something new to the city. Brazilians enjoy living in China; the crime rate here is much lower than in their hometown; and they can make more money. "Every time." footwear products have always been one of China's major export products, accounting for a large proportion of th cheap jordans for sale e export structure. According to statistics, China's footwear exports reached about 65% of total world exports, export volume and amount ranked first in the world, the main export markets including the United States, European Union, Russia, Japan and Australia and other countries and regions. However, the export structure of our shoes has always been dominated by OEM and low-end shoes. There are fewer middle and high-end shoes with independent brands, and the quality of export shoes has been criticized by foreign customers. restricts the export of footwear products factors from the external factors for and in their internal problems: one is the footwear enterprises generally lack a complete specification of the quality management system; two is the footwear enterprise personnel quality consciousness is not strong; the three is the quality of outsourcing products more prominent. Take Wujiang region as Cheap air jordan 12 ovo an example, the outsourcing of footwear enterprises is common, and outsourcing mainly includes outsourcing and outsourcing. Companies forced to complete orders, often hungry to choose the technology can not meet the processing requirements of product quality; outsourcing contract and process documents cannot be conveyed to the outsourcing party; process control limits of outsourcing products by outsourcing all the conditions are not from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton and new sports shoes, but more and more like Air Jordan 1, almost thought LV and AJ1 joint. Do you feel that way? This pair is Louis Vuitton brand new trend sports shoes series, called Louis Vuitton Rivoli, to help low and high for two kinds of styles, including 3 colors, which help version is priced at $6250, low version is priced at $5800, the price of luxury goods, always have no advantage, I'm going to buy AJ1. Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! they're hidden among us, lighter than average, stronger than average, no, no, no, no, we're not talking about American superheroes. We're talking about forest road. The legends in these cars must be specialized in some way, or even omnipotent, for example, like Superman who excels in flying, is good at climbing, and is going to slide like Thor, hammer, and hammer. Therefore, we tested 9 models of forest road car the best 130-140mm trip, to see if they really have a diamond or just disguise all born. what makes a good forest road bus: ? a good forest road car to single handedly solve all the problems, just like a climbing race but also extremely hard and bitter, readily against enduro enduro chario cheap jordans online t, fighting more under an extremely hard and bitter; forest road car withstand the test of history should have the characteristics of agility, enthusiasm and desire to stimulate the driver; can be a fighting partner forest road car with the best magic ingredients: to little spark of passion, show some confidence, to make up for the shortage of drivers in technology, make them feel smooth, like a super hero. data is important: Before searches for a new car, the first thing to do is to face a series of numbers: 27.5, 29, 650, 67, 66, 425balabala. It's not easy to read the geometry of the car, but don't be afraid. Lin Tao is unlikely to have extreme geometry, super comfortable frame geometry, a downhill slope, but climbing like a slow elephant. We can see the design concept of modern forest road car is long evolution: legislation, short handle has been eliminated in the history, this embarrassin Retro jordans for sale g setting brings feel disappeared, like Canyon Spectral, Ibis Mojo and Whyte T-130C of the 3 models is the forerunner of change. The upper tube is moderately extended to accommodate the shorter position of the head and the head tube at 66-67 degrees, and the tube is more inclined to cope with the climb. how about the wheel diameter: ? when it comes to wheel trails, now everyone knows that this is determined by his riding style and terrain. People with old ideas always think 27.5 inches are sensitive and interesting, and 29 inches are natural for climbing. But now the dividing line is blurred and many cars are well versed in two. The new Boosts standard and the 1X file with the transmission fork is shortened and more strong. Review 29er, and look at the latest Santa, Cruz, High, Tower, and YT Jeffsy (unfortunately, they are too late to be selected for testing). 2.8-3.0 inch thick tyres, at first we only 〉in the first fashion show in June, visvim in the days before the official opening of the 2017 summer series of global retailers will bring the preview, then one of the Showroom field. We can see this back most of the single product is still the continuation of the brand has always been "American retro culture" route around the cowboys, farm workers and seaman and other classic image design, bring many military style jacket, jacket, shirts and other items. As most people are concerned about the shoe single product is also dazzling, contains a series of Skagway sneaker, FBT Virgil, Boot and Foley etc. many classic shoes, interested friends may wish to consult in the above picture and we look forward to the follow-up after the release! - G - weekly trend went to the Xianke weekly time this week, continue for you to sort out points within 7 days of review should not be ignored. According to the usual practice of Apple, the September conference approaching, and its new iPhone mobile phone has basically been exposed exhaustive, and earlier release date speculation has recently been confirmed. According to foreign media reports, this year's apple conference scheduled for September 7th, will launch the new iPhone 7 Series final style and function, according to the current information, the conference will be announced separately equipped with dual cameras iPhone 7 Plus and a single camera iPhone 7 and earlier for the new upgraded version of the MacBook Pro reported are not on the release of the list, will be officially launched at the end of this year. you read this week in the Xianke weekly, you may wish to publish messages on Apple? In September 7th released a new iPhone 7 series of views?. new shoes, Yeezy popular series must not say, before the date according to the hearsay said, has not been released "Yeezy Boost 550" will be officially launched next month. The day before Instagram again on the user exposure to this new pair of shoes and a shoebox in September 3rd did not confirm the date of publication, and called it "V2 Yeezy Boost 350". Of course, in addition to the side of color and exposure of numerous Primeknit streamlined braided lines, striking the bottom, this time for the first time we see the hidden in the three bars inside the shoe. But this is a huge "350" logo of the text box the truth remains to be verified, if true, then this pair of shoes for sale information also from the side to prove, interested friends may wish and we look forward to subsequent sale details. also can not miss the following: Adidas Originals new NMD_R1 PK New York Red Apple ? "explosion", "deceleration zone" reasonable use, OFF-WHITE released two new shoes 〉

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