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after continuing to ferment for some time, Originals Adidas China finally brought the official release of the NMD information, in April 7th, April 28th and May 28th brought three new wave of sale. corresponds to the color has also appeared in April 7th on the sale of the style is already in overseas shelves of color, follow-up should have more new color, there is no appearance. currently, April's Adidas originals NMD sale has announced the official release rules, in view of the initial sale triggered by the official website of the collapse, the sale will be changed as the same Adidas yeezy pre register online. From 10 to 12 this morning open registration window draw results will be announced on April 8, it is not clear the number of success. Official purchases will be conducted from April 10th to April 9th. Miss friends do not lose heart, after all, there are April 28th and May 28th, the two wave of the sale. source: fli see camouflage, you can not help but will think of bape; but overwhelmed bring camouflage joint color is anothe Cheap air jordans for sale r Japanese shoes store atmos. This atmos x ASICs Gel Lyte V to black ballistic nylon cloth backing, supplemented with olive green camouflage suede stitching, tongue and heel were apple green "ASICs" embroidered words. Currently, this color can be purchased through the Japanese shoes shop atmos. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: atmos City Economic and Trade Bureau yesterday convened the Town Street Economic and trade office and industry associations, the deployment of mobilization of enterprises in Dongguan to participate in brand clothing shoes and hats (northeast Changchun) promotion week. Vice mayor Deng Zhiguang attended the mobilization meeting. it is learnt that the fair lasts from September 26th to October 2nd, a week. The exhibiti cheap jordans online on will focus on the invitation by Chinese brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, province famous brand products and famous trademarks and trade brand-name products, brand-name products in Dongguan, Dongguan City, Dongguan famous brand and industry brand free brand, export to domestic sales, domestic brand textile enterprises to participate in the exhibition, Dongguan famous product image. municipal government invested 1 million 500 thousand yuan in addition to during the campaign, the burden of organization, exhibit and other expenses, all 250 standard booths are all free, special exhibition enterprises funded by special equipment to the actual cost amount of 50%, the highest 100 thousand yuan subsidy. in the booth distribution, Dalang, Humen and the association of textile and garment industry is responsible for the implementation of the 40 standard booths, Changping implementation of the 30, the world's footwear and leather footwear association headquarters base in the implementation of the 110, other towns in the Retro jordans for sale implementation of 4~6. Companies interested in September 4th before contact "Dongguan brand clothing and footwear (Dongguan) group to promote the work of the Organizing Committee of Guangdong week" project, called 0769-22231596. (Editor: admin)Winter is the best time of Air Force 1 Mid Nike Sportswear also display skills to the full, the timely launch of the new design for us. The new black leather shoes made by the body, and with the box car line is covered by golden shoe uppers, finally with body all the details. item: 804609-001 nike-air-force-1-mid-07-black.jpg (97.62 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 LV8 Black 2015-10-24 09:04 upload nike-air-force-1-mid-07-black-1.jpg (75.05 KB, download number: 16) download Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 LV8 Black 2015-10-24 09:04 upload nike-air-force-1-mid-07-black-2.jpg (76.99 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 LV8 Black 2015-10-24 09:04 Black Nike upload, 00Like the Nike products unique identifier Swoosh, similar to the teacher cor cheap jordans for sale recting homework play "hook", meaning "whizzed", which clearly show the movement of the track running shoes, Nike also expressed a bullet-like pace. However, it is also possible to express too is a kind of inexplicable disappearance nosedive fall into the trap of rigid and arrogant, "whizzed" can also be seen as "hush bang." The late 1990s, Nike seems to come to a halt overnight, ending a 30% earnings growth in previous years. 97 onwards, sales have been hovering at 90 billion yuan. 97 years Nike has a $ 796 million profit, but this year (2001) fiscal year, estimated that only achieve $ 590 million. The company's stock is now only at $ 40 up and down, and after its equilibrium price is $ 60, and once in the 52 weeks to maintain the momentum over a balanced price. Needless to say, Nike is in a weak position. Conservative has been lurking Historically, the key to the success of Nike: imitation, cross-cutting, clear the way brand management and technology. The first three are from Adidas, where "enlightenment" out. 1875 Knight and Bow cheap foamposites erman, Nike initially people come up a counterfeit Adidas shoes new products, but in a propane made of rubber soles, nails hang on small rubber soles. The result of this "waffle" type of running shoes popular highlights Nike and Adidas can compete independently watershed. In the process of killing Adidas, Nike and Adidas absorb practice their own brand, the contract to the low-cost production process of "small producers" do their own design and development of major shoes, while the design results transferred to other shoe type fields. This came to be considered is to promote the progress of Nike. Nike, Adidas also transcend place, namely: The evolution of technology products to enter more markets, obtained in advance the most promising product portfolio. Nike broke a dogma: the past that, in the footwear industry, if you produce a wider range of products, resulting in the production range is too wide, it will be much trouble. Because the production is too large at the expense of productivity, thereby greatly increasing the cost. So Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping strategists thought that the old invasion of prostitution will remind, narrow scope of production, cut those products, however hard, concentrate human and material resources and attention, will be one hundred test accurate recipe. Nike countered that offer different styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, footwear producers almost vocation, millions all kinds, runners of all abilities will get to meet the demand, realize : This is a rapid development of the industry, is a very attractive image. Importantly, contracting spare production entirely, or even 100 percent contracted to overseas factories - mostly factory in the Far East. Because many foreign factories in accordance with contract manufacturing of some products, therefore, a small amount of a variety of products for Nike, Inc. is an insignificant economic barriers, productivity being dragged to say does not exist. If Nike has done is good enough in research and development (research budget of Nike is about $ 6,000,000, none), the effectiveness of these technol Retro jordans for sale ogies and intellectual property will soon be transferred to the sales. Nike's creative revealed so few words: association independent and mature technology, product cross-cutting, outsourcing costs cheap. Yes, Nike look very prospective. The problem is that the order of processing on these keywords, the first to have led the trend to establish the reputation of Nike is undoubtedly the most important, this article extends the content is "not familiar", even if you can through capital into the approach to the integration of new business, but also it should be rejected. The first article in a way weakened the second, three of significance. For Nike, this understanding attitude lurks beneath the beaten track of the cause, in fact, Nike several years of reform advocates all have to resign to leave, Turner, Gary Di ?? ? shellfish, McFadden. Turner said that employees often take "wall thing" for laughing, "but this is not a joke", where the wall refers to the peripheral walls located in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike headquarters, the top covere cheap jordans for sale mens d with vines, Nike employees in order to make fun of "decrepit, conformism" approach. Lack of self-examination, "wall" last spring, Nike outdoor unit main ??????? to convince senior management of the company to acquire the famous outdoor supplies and clothing factory NorthFace companies. While Nike has begun production of outdoor footwear products in the early years, but the market is still in mountaineering supplies slow development. NorthFace acquisition allows Nike occupation outdoor products manufacturer in the forefront position. Everything appears to be perfect, so McFadden spent several months time, draw NorthFace, and sought to persuade Nike senior management for making this acquisition. But in the end, the same as before, Nike's management rejected the deal, noting that Nike should concentrate on their business, rather than spend the spirit of the acquisition, which means "do not familiar with." McFadden angrily away, he commented, "They do not make any action, mostly because of their company's products in the field of fre cheap jordan shoes for men e feel insecure." Almost simultaneous collective response, Wall Street analysts, securities firms observers, Chilean consulting firm ?Z groups who have publicly judged, Nike's rigid thinking is the main reason leading to the current trouble. Legalistic, sent packing reform forces, failed to seize a major shift in consumer tastes, so that some could have improved the prospects of Nike's corporate acquisitions to become a group slot. 63-year-old founder of the Knight denied, like dealing he refused access to any media. His extreme arrogance, disregard the views of critics, Nike treat foreign workers accused of unfair treatment, take the most bureaucratic "drag" tactics, as well as up to now have failed to repair the company's public image. Poor performance in the second half of last year, recall a series of candidates, with himself as president and coach of the mountains, planted after the reorganization is his old partner in the high-level personnel, including two chief operating officer responsible for the development of the Nike b Cheap air jordan 12 ovo rand, novice all sidelined . Board members said Jacques dissatisfaction. "This is a re-appointment to the old man's decision." As Knight please the "brain", basically ahead of the end of the term, such as Turner, 99 years from Kim Collins Nike hired, only six months after leaving. She wanted to bring more weather Nike, "Nike is not like 90 billion company, as one billion yuan of the company." Her ambition lasted only three months, the company's global head of human resources kava proposal She not too bold perverse, "keep a low profile turn tail man," Knight gave her advice is "just arrived, you should spend more time to think about learning veteran familiar with the company brand." Nike seems to forget, it's the best-selling PRESTO product fixed price of 143 yuan shoes cushioning shoes, and classic "Jordan" shoes cushion creative instigator is "a monk." How often in the wrong direction to go? Excessive fascination for technology and performance, Nike's market is so tactile no previous elite. Nike in the market feel the most serious aspect of oversight is not see shoe style trend shift from white sneakers to more urbanized, brown shoes trend change. This miscalculation sowed seeds of suffering, New Balance, Reebok, love flute, to guide the trend of urban youth SKECHERS footwear style. In the market analysis, Nike committed the biggest mistake is to ignore the key "kill zone", 60-80 US dollars a pair of shoes market. And this market is currently within the US footwear sales over the body, accounting for 50% -60% of Nike's sales in the United States. Nike continued to decline in this market, there is only one reason, the concept has become a leading technology all cope with stress proper balance random enemy. Nike too much emphasis on new technologies such as shock absorption, making unique selling points, driving up overall prices, the results of the mid-priced market to hand over the subject. As a result, Nike's most recent quarter sales in the United States fell by 15%, while in contrast, the US shoe manufacturer Reebok second is to achieve a 3.4% climb. This year, a conservative estimate, the sales of Nike shoes will fall by 6%, while market conditions in tune with the new balance of the company will grow 25%. Who Nike weakness? Conservative mentality and rigid bureaucratic philosophy Nike difficult! Business excuse not enough, let slip the opportunity to rival Converse's acquisition of failure, we lost the opportunity to sell into the well-known brand of secure against cheap department store. The completion of acquisitions, consolidation is not satisfactory. For example, on the acquisition of Bauer hockey sports goods manufacturer trading company, Nike firmly put their own mark on the product, in fact it is a "more harm than good" brand chauvinistic behavior, eating with their own brand to buy over companion brand, which is equivalent only to buy the production lines and sales channels only. In the end, nothing more than "self-choking." If Nike has enough courage to reflect and act, then it must be out of their erection of walls, get rid of the corporate culture of complacency, edit 'sports intelligence' magazine Holland said: "Nike must get used to cross their own brands, the business in order to have The growth "this positive hit the facade of Nike, Nike would have muttered: Is adhere mature and transfer of technology, adhere to its own brand of business expansion, nearly three decades of experience achievement is wrong? Perhaps as Drucker said, management is appropriate probability distributions, but you realize that it can not stick to it, you can not manage when tradition. Effective management from the morphological point of view is always very cunning, a little discretionary see wind meant to eat. Good quality of the management that picked it remarkable remedy, inappropriate, it will not have cost too much to lose. Nike spokesman said the chief executive of Knight is preparing to do a major surgery reflection and promote the company's reform, to resolve the situation of weak growth. Competitors 'tight' cause Knight started in the "wall" think, but before ponder countermeasures, Knight must do something discarded.

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