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Pantofola d'Oro with a beautiful Daniel Cordas special edition football shoes opened the 130 anniversary of the prelude. They and artist Daniel Cordas launched in collaboration with this IL gigante Buono (elegant giant soccer shoes, to the best in the history of British football giant John & middot; Charles tribute. 130 years of professional accumulation and craftsmen in Italy quality, to Pantofola d'Oro's classic reputation, and their latest product is almost perfect as in the past. This pair of Lazzarini football shoes is regarded as the Retro jordans for sale perfect canvas, the, record Cordas the John & middot; Charles in the days of Juventus, he is the first try on this pair of football shoes, also had the shock say "this is not a pair of football shoes, this is a 'double flip flops',' gold flip flops. '" In fact, Charles himself does not know his words and finally laid this pair of football shoes later brand name is Pantofola d'Oro, in Italian, it means "gold flip flops". this pair of Daniel Cordas special edition of the football shoes unique, produced only a pair of, and will be used and a Cheap air jordans for sale frame with charity, to celebrate the Buono IL gigante. So long history is enough to make today's football shoe giants jealous, as Pantofola D'Oro CEO Gold & middot; Williams said "football shoes trend, but the pursuit of high-quality and 1886 when like." Source: ouou[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] This is a message from the Olympic sponsor Samsung will launch a digital campaign planned in London in the Olympic Torch Relay activities; Adidas hopes the Olympic break revenue records created last year; Tissot become 2012 World Table Te Cheap air jordan 12 ovo nnis Championship Official Timing Sponsor; USOC and Olympic partners HHonors (Hilton Hhonors) will commemorate the London Olympics countdown 100 days of activities; Olympic sponsors Procter & Gamble and nine Canadian athletes signed . Olympics Adidas help achieve revenue growth Adidas hopes to gain by breaking the Olympic record created last year, CEO Herbert - Hainer (Herbert Hainer) represented such as the Olympics, the European Football Championships and other major sporting events can make the company's earnings exceed 2011. On We cheap jordan shoes for men dnesday, Hainer said in a conference call: "Start 2012 full of vitality, we fully prepared to meet another year, there is always a bright Assembly and exciting major sporting events. No more than 2012 London Olympics and the 2012 European Football Championship tournament a larger when sports elite innovative ideas central to the stage, adidas will help them reach the peak this year as well, through our sales channels, market strength and sales execution, we will achieve a new record and keep this momentum. " On Wednesday, a German media re cheap foamposites ports, the equity earnings per share last quarter adidas increased 18%, reaching an unprecedented 3.2 euros per share ($ 4.19). (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)minimalist fashion designer from Belgium, Raf Simons, with superior design capabilities recently became Dior's design director post, the brand of the same name brand also continued to force, the latest quarter Raf Simons 2013 new spring and summer also has been exposed, we can take a look at shoes series, its exaggerated style that cheap jordans for sale will make you a memorable. Raf Simons designs can otherwise bland styling to the next level, the new season product combines elements ethnic, age, science and technology, in addition to geometric patterns, floral, hit the color mix and match so full of design outside, whether it is low or high-top shoes to help, also are highly exaggerated breath. Also 2013 spring and summer series of image film also has been exposed, especially invited Marieke Van Dongen director, Raf Simons himself involved in the production, very strong sense of the le cheap jordans online ns, you may wish to feel. & nbsp;Running Fan endorsement of Nike running shoes? June 11, Dongguan Sunshine Community reprint an article attracted the attention of many users. This post actually an obvious spoof of nature "cheat" have to trust a lot of friends, have thread said it would firmly resist Nike running shoes. On Thursday afternoon, Nike China Relations Co., surnamed Li, who is responsible to the reporter confirmed Meizhong never hired as a spokesperson, would not hire him as a spokesperson. Yesterday afternoon, the anonymity of t cheap jordans for sale mens he person who posted the original "summer Che Dan," said Bo when posting only people laugh, and called on friends to keep rational. Jokes posts boycott triggered upsurge This spoof news first appeared in early June Qihoo Forum, the original post titled "run faster than Liu Xiang also faster Running Fan endorsement of Nike." Note said, Nike think the fastest in the disaster, most loving teacher Fan Meizhong life, in line with people-oriented company, the purpose of an independent personality, so in spite of the current number of Chinese Retro jordans for sale netizens questioned Meizhong teacher, invited the decisive run most Chinese netizens soon be laughing, "Running Fan" Fan teacher as Nike running shoes spokesperson. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, the poster specifically to "BT News Agency reporter Dan Xia Che" in the name of the posting, alluding to "bullsh * t." Posts stimulate discussion, but most users represent only admire the poster ideas, then laugh. Unexpectedly, there are users post forthwith forwarded to the horizon, Mop, Netease, Sina and other forums, and the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping "BT News Agency reporter Dan Xia Che" and other words faded. Since the original form of news show, many netizens believed, have denounced Nike. Some users with "is the motive? US companies see "Running Fan" endorsement of Nike running shoes "in the title, will be Nike and recently suffered a boycott of Carrefour par, appeal to the majority of users to boycott Nike products. boycott message transmission network crazy appeal to get a response soon. Boycott news quickly spread through the QQ group, Classmates and other means. News reporters in the QQ group received, as well as friends appealed to the local Nike store protest, QQ group message of protest also comes with specific time and programs. On Thursday afternoon, in an interview with reporters, Nike China Relations Co. official said Mr Lee has been informed of the news, saying that the message was "pure friends spoof," Nike never hired as the company's spokesperson Mr. Fan Meizhong I would not hire him as a spokesperson. Li explained that the person in charge of all the company hired are Nike spokesperson healthy image of sports stars. ?? reporter Connection "Summer Che Dan": a lot of users do not irrational & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday afternoon, the reporter and the person who posted the first "Summer Che Dan" contact on QQ. "Summer Che Dan" currently living in Beijing, but he did not want to disclose real names. "Summer Che Dan," said Fan Paopao after the event, he was inspired by some friends, so readily write such a fake news sent to the Internet, the purpose of the Bo people just laugh, did not expect to have such a big effect. According to the reporter, after "Summer Che Dan" also wrote, "Astrology spectacle: the capital last night over the pie", "CCTV start cutting the same animal slaughterhouse" and spoof news. Most of these news smile after winning friends, hastily ended. "Summer Che Dan," believes that the endorsement of false news to be widely disseminated, and a lot less rational now about the users present on the network. he wished to apologize to Nike through the newspaper, and called for the majority of users in a patriotic love of family while maintaining rational.

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